Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Saturday Shower hosted by the Aunts: Sarah, Katie and Connie

Zella's so loved she is getting two Showers!! Here's the start of Shower weekend...

Aunt Katie's signature cupcakes...
All the Ladies: Stephanie's face is priceless
Zella is so loved, we've got: 2.0, Kristal, Kim, Stephanie, me and Z, Connie, Leah, Jess and Amanda
The guess the Diaper was as serious as it looks
....Very Serious...
Aunt Sarah and Katie with Addy and Lily, Mimi, me and Grandma Scott
The Hostess: Aunt Katie, Sarah and Connie
Zella's loot. She is so Spoiled.
....I mean REALLY...

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