Sunday, November 28, 2010

More fun in Morgantown

Zella got to meet her Great Grandma Raymer today. We did not take a picture because Grandma wasnt feeling up to it, but we did get to see more Raymers and take our first trip to jail...Zella will be able to say at 32 weeks she went to jail...hopefully she will never go again.
Aunt Gee Gee, me and Aunt Janice
Uncle Merle and I...he will give Zella
pleanty of projects to paint
He works at the jail and would not let me taze
anyone...I did get to play with the cell keys...

They were some serious Keys

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vacation day 4 A.K.A Saturday

Today we slept 8AM...dinner was awsome becasue of all the family that came to hang...

Dustan, Me and Whit all grown

Week 32...the first time I've been bigger
than my little brother

My attempt at Bunny Ears. Miserable Fail.
The soon to be Great Grandmother Black.

Nancy, Rhyan and Blake

The Almost Grandpa.

Whit's two girls, Rhyan and Blake and me
and Z...these three will definatly be
getting into trouble together in the country...

Mine and Rhyans annual one handed photo

Friday, November 26, 2010

Zella's first snow

I have been looking forward to cool weather and despite my fathers wishes I hoped for snow and sure enough got my request...

Sweet, sweet snow

Z and I really liked playing in it

Lesson #1 for Z:
Florida girls wear Flip flops in the snow

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day in KY

  Zella's first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Kentucky...

Aunt Franny's Spread A.K.A. turkey
dinner numero uno

Aunt Tresa...the one who will spoil
the HELL out of Zella...

Aunt Franny
Aunt Franny and I 
My moms Sisters...sure to make Z's hair
15 different colors and styles before 18 years old

The start of a one handed photo montage.
Heres the oldest sister, my Aunt Gee Gee
Then Aunt Brenda...Zella will be doing alot
of fishing on her dock...
Aunt Connie, She gave me my love for
Hello Kitty. A tradition I hope she continues.

Aunt Lynda will be the one that teaches
Zella her love for convertables...
I never did get to drive that Mazda...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tiki Thanksgiving 2010

The Tiki thanksgiving went off without a hitch...

Connie prepaired enough for an army

R.D. and Steve with some
Tiki Turkey day soccer
All the Ladies
...And our funny faces...
mmmmm turkey
A classic photo bomb by Jay
Followed by a classic one handed pic by me
R.D. , me and baby Z 31 weeks and counting