Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mikey and Emily's Engagement bonzana

Next year Zella will be getting a new Aunt!! Here is the Engagement Celebration....
R.D. and Em after multiple games of Beer Pong

The groom and best man...defiantly brothers!

Ma O and the boys

Mikey, Ma, R.D. and Pa

The future Owens and the old Owens...oh and Z at 37 weeks.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Family Christmas 2010

Our Last Christmas without Zella was a blast. She was already getting gifts!!! I think we might have a little spoilt child on our hands...

Our Christmas year Santa will be making an appearance...

Santa came to Mimi's for all the grand is Addy's pile...

There was one for Lily...

...and Jake must have been good too!!

All our stockings...turns out Santa didn't forget anyone

The Owen Christmas tree and traditional train set up

The 2010 family gift...a karaoke machine!!

The White Elephant 2010 proved to be quite a will forever be the year the Nicholsons went down!!!

...What to pick...

Its tradition to wear your PJ's to the house Christmas we are on Week 36

Grandma Scott's last non-christmas tree. The Wickit enjoyed his own personal mini tree...I enjoyed the traditional Pies!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's a Tiki Christmas

We celebrated the Tiki Christmas 2010  with good food, fun, lots of football losses and the annual Secrete Santa...
Whats better than one Prime Rib and Bottle of Jameson...

Two Prime Ribs and Bottles of Jameson...

Zella and I pretty much polished off those green and red cookies

The beauty of being pregnant, getting to be in line after the kidos plates are made.

R.D. and I 1 handed style

35 weeks

Awe the Tiki Christmas Tree 2010

R.D. wearing his Z for the Zell-a-Phant

A gift from my secrete Santa (Steve) this might be in Z's room

The best ornament ever...the knocked up couple 2010-thanks Stephanie

R.D. got Black Ops...this is his "uh, can we go home now so I can play face?"

Saturday, December 18, 2010


We might have left more of a mark on Lamaze class then it left on us. Our Laughter thru the fake contractions might have distracted others but with memories like R.D. whispering "This is gonna Hurt like a bitch" to the grape being attack by ants in the freezing cold room to Zella thinking now was her time to escape,  a few moments had to be documented...
IT WAS COLD. The blanket was suppose to be for the floor, but Eskimo R.D. appeared

If this photo could move, it would. She was looking for an exit.

...and yea I wasn't lying about the ant covered grape. Here is nature at work.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Owen/DelNegri/Nicholson 2010 Christmas Photo

Every year there is an Owen/DelNegri/Nicholson Christmas Card Photo...Here is the last one we will take without baby Z...We all have a lot to celebrate!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Sunday Shower hosted by Wanda and Kathy.

Shower weekend continued with the Sunday version!!! Here we are at numero dos....

The favors. Too Cute.
It Tasted Just as good as it looks
Four Generations. Ma Owen, me and Z, Mom and Grandma Scott

She's 34 Weeks and already Rotten

All the gift Helpers, including the "elf" Addy

Ahhh the Pack N' and I are admiring the elephants...

Part of the baby tradition is getting Kathy's diaper storage system...hand made and tailored to the nursery
The Hostesses, Kathy and Wanda, I couldn't thank them enough.
Me, Z and the sisters...oh and Addy Jean of course. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Saturday Shower hosted by the Aunts: Sarah, Katie and Connie

Zella's so loved she is getting two Showers!! Here's the start of Shower weekend...

Aunt Katie's signature cupcakes...
All the Ladies: Stephanie's face is priceless
Zella is so loved, we've got: 2.0, Kristal, Kim, Stephanie, me and Z, Connie, Leah, Jess and Amanda
The guess the Diaper was as serious as it looks
....Very Serious...
Aunt Sarah and Katie with Addy and Lily, Mimi, me and Grandma Scott
The Hostess: Aunt Katie, Sarah and Connie
Zella's loot. She is so Spoiled.
....I mean REALLY...