Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's a Tiki Christmas

We celebrated the Tiki Christmas 2010  with good food, fun, lots of football losses and the annual Secrete Santa...
Whats better than one Prime Rib and Bottle of Jameson...

Two Prime Ribs and Bottles of Jameson...

Zella and I pretty much polished off those green and red cookies

The beauty of being pregnant, getting to be in line after the kidos plates are made.

R.D. and I 1 handed style

35 weeks

Awe the Tiki Christmas Tree 2010

R.D. wearing his Z for the Zell-a-Phant

A gift from my secrete Santa (Steve) this might be in Z's room

The best ornament ever...the knocked up couple 2010-thanks Stephanie

R.D. got Black Ops...this is his "uh, can we go home now so I can play face?"

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