Monday, January 24, 2011

Zella's Room

It only took 9 months to get the room ready for Z...Here is the finished product...

First find a chair mommy loves...check

Then have Husband assemble said chair...check

...also have hubby assemble crib...

My inspirational quilt!! Thanks Mimi, Aunt TT and Aunt KK

Light socket works...Check
A finished and made bed for Z!! Thanks Sue and Connie!!

...everyone seams to love the chalkboard...hopefully Z will too now that she has a seat of her own!! Thanks Aunt Chenoa!

Oh Diaper I will loathe thee...

The chair, the books, the boppie...can't wait to use them..

The Quilt found a home on Uncle Merle's handmade walking cane.

Her Mobile

...and now for how much stuff can I put her name on...

Stool by Jennifer Brrittingham...cant wait for Z to be doing dishes while standing on it!

LOVE the "Zell-a-phant" from grandmommie Scott and the pillow from 2.0

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