Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BeerFest and Jay's Birthday: Week 27

Every year we celebrate Jay's birthday with a BeerFest, this year since my team (Team Sweed) was a man down, we altered the rules and Zella and I got to be the judge of the Beer Pong Tourney. Drunk Tiki + Sober Ashley = Funny moments

Since I couldent have beer cookies
were in order
Me and the Birthday boy
Zella, we have finally won the "belly off"
I was the judge and took my position seriousally
The Semi-Finals
The sign says "Put Beer Here"
Don't worry no beer went anywhere
As the only sober one, I knew giving a
 sharpee to anyone else was a bad idea.
I also knew that Z and I could mess with anyone...
including R.D.
Steve trying to talk to Zella

My judging Chair.

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